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New PSP Script

Every girl needs a matching purse! This one is perfect for any occasion. Use colors for a satin finish, sequin papers, velvet papers, get just the matching look that your kit/layout needs. -Final product size is 2400x1800px and 300dpi.  -Ends in layers so your can use with the jewel clasp or one of your own.  -Commercial use is allowed.  -No outside plugins are needed.  -Tested in PSP9 to X3. In stores now!
I've released three new PSP Scripts into my stores today.  Here is a quick look at what's available:

Wristbands are all the rage and now you can make your very own debossed wristbands!
This interactive PSP Script gives you full range of control so that your wristbands are unique and different each time you run the script.
-You choose the font used to write your text!
-You choose what your text says!
-You choose the color of your wristband.

Final product size is 2218x823px and 300dpi.
Commercial use is allowed.
No outside plugins are needed.
Tested in PSP9 to X3.

**Follow instructions carefully on the message pop ups while running the script.

Make a gift to match your kits for any occasion!
This interactive PSP Script gives you full range of control so that your gifts are unique and different each time you run the script.
-You choose the colors of each section of your gift. (Box, Box Top, Gift Tag, & Gift Tag Strings)
-You can use colors, gradients or papers as fills.
Evening folks,
I was working on something a bit different this evening and thought I would share it with you.  I've made two bookmarks that can be saved and printed for your use.  Just right click to save.
If you like these be sure to let me know.  Also, give me some ideas of others you might want.
Have a wonderful evening.

Changes in TOU

Evening folks,

It's been a long two days dealing with some folks who want to abuse my TOU and push it to it's limits.  Therefore, I have had to clarify a few points in the TOU and revoke privileges for using my scripts, templates, make FTU kits.  Here are the points that have changed:

--You may NOT make a kit or element pack containing more than 1/4 the total of elements being the end results of my scripts, templates, element packs, etc.  
Products made from my scripts, templates, etc must be mixed with items from other sources in your scrap kits or element packs.

--You may NOT make kit or element pack previews featuring only the end results of my scripts, templates, elements, etc as a preview of your kit or element pack.
Your previews must be a reflection of the entire kit/element pack.  (I reserve the right to ask that previews be altered if you violate this.)

--You may NOT use the end results of my scripts, templates, FREE kits, element packs, etc.  This privil…
Hey guys!
I'm not real sure what blogger has done to the formatting, but their latest update sucks!
I've uploaded new scripts to my stores that you can see here:
I'm also having a weekend sale in all of my stores!  Don't miss out.  Everything is at least 35% off!
Have a great weekend!

Several New Items Have Been Added

I've added three new PSP scripts and a re-vamped Scrap kit to my stores tonight. Check it out!

Caps tossed! Tearful parents! The coveted diploma has been earned! It's time to scrap those awesome proud moments of your graduate. It's time to make some outstanding commemorative tags to honor your favorite graduate. This kit can help you do all of it and more!
This kit is filled with caps, tassels, diplomas, invitations, and all the other grad goodies that you will need. It also contains a 48 piece glittered word art set that covers the years 2010-2015 in your school colors. There are also a set of silver and a set of gold charms in the years 2010-2015. There are 29 papers to cover all of your school colors. Also included is a set of Graduation Toby Teddy Bears in several color combinations.
***Kit has been updated in 04/2012 to include colored announcements, Cap & Gowns, and some added elements that had colors missing. Scrapper and Tagger size is available.

Use this interactiv…

For Momma With Love is Released

Hey folks!
I have a new release in my stores today! A brand new, very girly kit for Mother's Day can now be found in all of my stores. This kit is a tribute to my own beautiful mother who loves yellow roses :)
It comes in Scrapper and Tagger size. Scrapper size is available in select stores only. Tagger size is available in all of my stores where kits are sold.
I've also included a freebie for you today! Hope you enjoy it!

For Momma With Love

Momma loves roses...yellow ones! This beautiful, feminine kit is full of yellow roses, lace, and satin. There are also mother and child cameo, mother and child charms, and year brads in both silver and antique gold. Lots of ribbons, bows, hearts, and strings are also included to accent your projects. This is the perfect kit for all of your Mother's Day needs.

Kit includes: 19 Papers 2 Baby's Breath Sprigs 3 Long Stem Yellow Roses 1 Daisy 7 Bead Scatters 7 Lace Doilies 7 Lace Frames 7 Curly Satin Ribbons 14 Satin Ribbons 7 Strings 1 Floral Ov…

New CU4PU Kit License Now Available

Hi folks,
By request I have now added my CU4PU license to my stores to make purchases easier. This is the license needed for making CU cards, candy wrappers, android apps, etc... with my kits. It is also the one needed for those that do Scrap-4-Hire or webdesign projects for commercial use sites. There is a one time, unlimited use fee and the kit is included in the price.
There are a few rules that apply with this license that are different from my standard CU TOU. Please download a copy of the TOU and read it before purchasing. You can get a copy here.
I hope to see you taking advantage of this offer. It is available ONLY in my personal store.
You can read all about it here:
Have a wonderful evening!


Hey guys!
Here is something I thought I should pass along to you. This lady is one of my favorite artist to buy tubes from and she is just an awesome person. If you can help out even with just the $2.00 for the tube I'm sure she would appreciate it.
ELIZABETH AUSTIN SPECIAL EVENT Many of you already know that Elizabeth Austin has been fighting Lymes Disease for over a year. What most people don’t know is how devastating Lymes is. Here is a link if you wish to learn more. Uninsured Liz’s medical bills are mounting. That being said, we are hoping to be able to assist Liz by offering this very special Elizabeth Austin tube; HOPE and beautiful scrap kit, KEEP THE FAITH by Leigh Penrod of Heart Felt Perfections. How it works::: Donate a minimum of $2.00 directly to Liz via PayPal as a gift. Send us the receipt to with HOPE in the subject line. We will deposit HOPE into your account. For each $2.00 you donate you have one entry into a drawing. Once Liz r…

Egg-cited Has Been Released

I am EGG-CITED to say I have released a new kit just in time for Easter!
All the little children are EGG-CITED! The Easter Bunny is hopping his way down the bunny trail and dropping off Easter eggs along the way. He's dropped off lots of eggs for your egg hunt this year and left a few of his friends behind to help hide them. This charming Easter kit is a sure to please with it's bright fun colors, lots of bunny friends, and a dozen or so Easter eggs to hide.
Kit is available in both tagger and scrapper sizes. Tagger size can be found in all of my stores that sell personal use products. Scrapper sizes are available in select stores.
I've included a freebie the kit below. Enjoy!

Kit includes: 18 Papers 7 Bead Scatters 2 Bunny lights borders 1 Grass border 1 Easter Egg border 2 Egg lights borders 7 Satin bows 7 Satin ribbons 8 Rick Rack ribbons 2 Bunny eggs 1 Boy bunny 1 Girl bunny 1 Fluffy bunny with eggs 2 Eggs with Bunny inside 1 Bunny Egg Wreath 8 Buttons 2 Baby Chick Eggs 7 Dotted Eggs 7…